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What is Spiral Dynamics?


What is Adizes?

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UCSB TV Adizes lecture: Technology Innovation: How to Predict if Your Company is Going to Succeed, 57 minutes, 10/20/03, #7810

The Adizes Institute, our founding organization, was incorporated in 1977 in the State of California. The Institute was founded by Dr. Ichak Adizes as a means for deploying a specific methodology for the diagnosis and structural healing of organizations. This, now proven, sustainable methodology implements precisely defined processes which enable these organizations to be both flexible and controllable in the face of accelerated change while creating an environment of mutual trust and respect among individuals within the organizations themselves.

After three decades of teaching and working in this unique field hands-on, with offices in several countries, Dr. Adizes has effectively demonstrated that these processes are sustainable business practices applicable to most organizations. The methodology works in diverse settings, from start -ups to multi-national corporations supporting the global industrial infrastructure, and in diverse fields - from making pizza to international banking, and in the military.

Why create a graduate program?

The Adizes Graduate School online Masters and Ph.D. were developed in order to facilitate in-depth research into how change can be managed on many levels, across disciplines and cultures worldwide, seeking the creation of sustainable new models for managing change in many contexts. The Clinical Programs introduce practitioner training methods that have been used with Certified Adizes Associates and clients for decades. Core concepts include the proven Adizes theory, and Spiral Dynamics, an emerging theory of human social evolution.

Answers to a few FAQ . . .

The academic graduate programs have been designed in an entirely online format.  The clinical program only requires one on-site class (two for the Teleology specialization).  Programs are intended to draw from a global student body in order to create the diversity and interaction required to further cross-cultural research and work in the field of managing change. Our core faculty, who also teach at other universities, have extensive experience in creating a structured, interactive online educational forum for academic study. Faculty and Administration stay closely in touch with student suggestions in order that the program evolves continually to meet your needs. And, while Adizes Graduate School is not accredited through the voluntary traditional process, the body of knowledge being sought, and taught, at AGS is both unique and applicable to understanding the process of change as it impacts almost any professional and intellectual environment. Whether you are a life-long learner, work in the for profit, non-profit, government, industrial, social or community sectors, each course will be thought-provoking, and have relevance and hands-on applications.

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