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Interdisciplinary Programs:
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Adizes Graduate School Symbergetic Programs

The Symbergetic Programs teaching Adizes Methodology:
Changing Corporate Cultures
Updated 1/14/14

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The Symbergetic Programs include

Professional Doctorates in Symbergetic Organizational Transformation
                           ...............with specializations in Diagnosis, Design or Teleology
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Programs in Clinical Symbergetic™ Organizational Management & Transformation
                           ....................Certificate, Master of Arts, and Doctoral Degree
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Ask any consultant or internal change agent what the most frustrating aspect of their work is and they will most likely tell you that it is not having their recommendations implemented or not being able to actually effect significant changes in an organization's culture or way of doing business.

The Adizes methodology changes all that. AGS graduates are not conventional management consultants who write reports and make recommendations based on what they think their clients "should" do. Nor are they OD specialists or benign facilitators.  They are change management experts who work side by side with their clients to identify, develop and implement needed organizational changes.

The Adizes methodology for organizational change is a powerful technology, combining processes, tools and concepts in a pragmatic system for accelerating organizational change without destructive conflict. Not all of the eleven phases of the methodology are implemented at every company. Certified Adizes Associates specialize in implementing certain phases.

At the foundation of the Adizes theory is the fundamental working principle that all organizations, like any living organisms, have a lifecycle and exhibit predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior as they grow and age.  At each new stage of development, each organization is faced with a unique set of challenges. How well or poorly leadership addresses these issues, and makes the changes needed for a healthy transition from one stage to the next, determines the success or failure of that organization.  In the comprehensive Adizes change management process, you will learn to partner with clients to help them accelerate through lifecycle transitions and see decisions consistently implemented.

What Makes The Practitioner Programs Unique?

The word "symbergetic"....

The word "Symbergetic" is a blending of the words "Symbiotic" and "Synergetic" to highlight both the interdependence among all parts of organizations individuals, departments, customers, vendors, etc. -- as well as the emphasis on cooperation and working together for an enhanced mutual effect. Traditional clinical programs in fields such as medicine, for example, require classwork, examinations, and rigorous supervised internships, as well as governing board oversight of practitioner work in order to assure a high level of consumer well-being.  The Adizes Professional Clinical Doctorates follow this tradition. The Programs train future practitioners to utilize a specific methodology via hands-on application in a real-world setting.  Upon completion of classwork, examinations, and internships, new practitioners- as members of the Association of Certified Adizes Professionals International, maintain certification (license to practice) through continuing education and international conferences designed to support the professional, global network.

It is a Comprehensive Problem-Solving Methodology to Create Change

Many consultants are able to offer traditional problem-solving services. Others, by focusing on organizational development, provide team building services.  Still others provide cognitive training in managerial skills through Executive Development programs. Many psychological intervention programs provide for individual style enrichment.  AGS combines these four goals and accomplishes them simultaneously. Graduates are experts in improving management effectiveness by optimizing structure and teamwork, and they have the ability to improve communication and cooperation by nurturing a culture of mutual trust and respect.

Learning that is Grounded in Reality and with Practical Application

One of the hallmarks of the AGS is that it is uses the Adizes and Spiral Dynamics methodologies as foundations.  For the Professional Programs, this means that the education you will receive is based on the practical application of these teachings while the internship requirements provide for the opportunity to work with real clients reaching far beyond the limits of academic theory. All of the faculty are practicing professionals of these methodologies and teach from their own ongoing topical experiences.

A Blend of Traditional and Non-Traditional Delivery

The training in the Degree Programs is a unique blend of classroom instruction, supervised off-site internships, exercises, exams, labwork, and on-line instruction.

The Internship experience is the cornerstone of the program as it gives participants the distinctive opportunity first to observe, and then to practice their newly acquired skills with a client in a supervised setting.  The tuition cost for internship supervision can sometimes be offset via client contracts.

 Purpose and Objectives

The Professional Clinical Degree programs are dedicated to providing mature learners with the educational and experiential opportunity for mastery in the process of coaching and facilitating organizational transformation.

The rate of change in business and social environments is increasing geometrically and the practitioner programs are designed to enhance the skills of practicing professionals, who are already working in a business or consulting environment, by instructing them in intervention techniques to bring organizations to the Prime of their lifecycle.

The Programs train individuals to be change leaders who function both as consultants and as educators. They are taught to coach organizational transformation with a holistic, structured methodology based on participative management. It is the aim of the professional practitioner programs to produce graduates who know how to work with a management team that can make strategic decisions that actually get implemented

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