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Structure, Holidays, 2015-2016 Schedule

Structure: Online courses are structured with the life-styles of working professionals in mind. There is no software to buy or download. There are three (3) terms of study each year, beginning in Winter, Spring and Fall.  Only one 11-week course is required each term. Spiral Dynamics and Adizes courses (in a live seminar/online dialogue accelerated format) are also scheduled twice yearly for students wishing to accelerate their program with some overlapping coursework.

During the eleven weeks of the each online course, participants are required to go online 3x weekly. This is not a weekend program. Each course requires a minimum of 15 hours of research, writing and online time each week. Each course requires a Synthesis paper integrating Adizes methodology. Writing is done offline in a word processing program before being copied to the online classroom. You should initially schedule uninterrupted blocks of time just as if you were going to a traditional campus for class such as MWF 7-10:30PM, and time for reading and homework such as Sat 8-11AM, and Sunday evening 8-11PM.

Holidays - In-between each term there are approximately six-weeks of free time during which program participants may schedule family holidays, personal projects, or get a head start on reading in preparation for the coming term.  There are generally no conflicts in scheduling time-off for traditional holidays, worldwide, due to the flexibility of the online environment. Students should be sure to communicate with faculty and the other students regarding any planned absences, emergency absences, or any need for additional time to fulfill course requirements.

Typical Schedule of Classes

Mid-Term and Summer sessions may also be scheduled as needed

Go to the Application Page for scheduled courses and deadlines each Term.

FALL TERM - - begins September 14, 2015

Live 5.5 day SDi Seminar Oct. 19-24, 2015, 3-week online dialogue begins Nov. 2, 2015

Fall: Second Session online courses begin October 26, 2015

WINTER TERM - - begins January 18, 2016

SPRING TERM - - begins May 16, 2016 for 11 weeks

Live Seminars TBA

FALL TERM - - begins September 12, 2016

Live Seminars TBA

Schedule Changes - AGS reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or combine classes, and to add or change instructors as needed. Classes may be canceled two business days prior to the start date if minimum enrollment standards are not met. Students will be informed of any changes that might affect their decision to enroll.

Additional Links - Contact us if you have any questions.  Application materials are  available online, click Application, Tuition

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