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What is Adizes?


Adizes Graduate School Certificate and Degree Programs

Ph.D. degree online - brochureThe Adizes Graduate School online degree programs facilitate in-depth research into change management theory, organizational management, and leading change in complex systems. Through interaction with their professional peers worldwide, participants seek commonalities in how change may be managed across disciplines and cultures. The core concepts are the proven Adizes theory and Spiral Dynamics, an evolutionary based framework for societal emergence and evolution.



Programs in Organizational Transformation are not accepting new students:

Master of Arts in Organizational Transformation: Click here

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Organizational Transformation: Click here

Dual-Track M.A. / Ph.D. in Organizational Transformation: Click here

NEW Programs open to all students!

Certificate in Symbergetic™ Change Management Theory: Click here

Master of Arts in Symbergetic™ Change Management Theory: Click here

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Symbergetic™ Change Management Theory: Click here

Program Structure

The Symbergetic
Change Management Theory programs are offered in sequence: Certificate, Master of Arts, PhD. Thus, admission to the PhD requires completion of the Certificate and Master Degree at AGS. A Bachelors Degree is required for Admission to the entire program track. 

All of the online degree programs require 3 terms each year with 6-week breaks in between. Visit Schedule and Holidays for details.

Working online ......

There is no software to buy or download. The majority of your writing, composing and spell checking will be done offline in programs such as Word or WordPerfect.  You create a flexible schedule, but must discuss your commitment with family and friends, reserving uninterrupted blocks of time for coursework in order to succeed.  A minimum of 10-15 hours is required each week to excel in each course. Online dialogue is very self-directed in graduate study, and as rigorous as traditional programs.  Read The Norms of Working Online.  Visit Are You Ready for Distance Learning?

There are both academic and technical prerequisites, as well as minimum equipment requirements. Please see the section entitled "Are you Qualified?" for further details.

Be sure to explore our digital Library Links, use the online self-assessment tools and become familiar with utilizing electronic resources as you become a part of a global virtual community.

For further information ............

Click here for the Adizes Graduate School Catalog (Adobe Acrobat required), with details regarding all policies, including admission and expectations for participation and completion of the degree. Or, you can....

Request an AGS Brochure! Be sure to review the AGS Catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions (Adobe Acrobat required)

Applications and enrollment documents are available online and our professional staff are available to guide you through the admissions process and your ongoing course of study. Feel free to contact us!

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