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Interdisciplinary Programs:
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Application and Enrollment

Applications are valid for 5 years maximum from the date you complete your last course. California schools are not required to keep records, other than a transcript, beyond this date.

In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance. - - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

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for Scheduled Courses & Required Books


New Student Applications due 8-12 weeks in advance of the Term start date. Late application fee $250.

Continuing Students - Enrollment Agreement due 4 weeks before Term start date

Deadlines are set for good reasons. We ask you to respect the cut off dates.


  • Orientation begins upon receipt of a complete Application, allow 4-5 days via email
  • Software Training access granted upon completion of Orientation, allow 90 minutes
  • Software Training includes REQUIRED feedback, allow 4-5 days via email
  • Class begins:  Access granted after Orientation and Training are complete/approved

ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT: Please download a new Enrollment Agreement each Term to be sure you have the most up-to-date version. Fax to the Registrar BEFORE you pay tuition:

    Enrollment Agreement - All Programs and courses

    Print and fax to AGS at 270-626-7243 or 805-565-0741 or send by email to the Registrar

TUITION PAYMENT: Pay Tuition course by course:

In addition to faxing your Enrollment Agreement, please make all tuition payments on the Scheduling page online. New links will be provided each Term. Contact the Registrar if you have questions.


    New students may want to print this page:

  • Review the AGS Catalogue. You are responsible for this information.
  • There is no charge to submit an application (and attachments) to AGS.  Submit all of your materials at one time.
  • Read now: The Norms of Working Online
  • The School offers one online course per term.  Each course requires 15 hours time commitment each week. 
  • Overseas students MUST get transcripts evaluated by a U.S. agency that analyses credit for transfer. Agencies such as the IERF are qualified. For additional qualified agencies, click here.

NEW STUDENT APPLICATION: (Overseas students - apply and enroll early to qualify!)

    1. Read about the three prerequisites for enrollment now - visit Are you Qualified? Use the exercises provided there to complete your Self Assessment essay at Step #3.

    2. Submit the following documents to the Registrar:

    Application for Admission (All Programs)

    3. Complete your Self-Assessment , use the tools at Are you Ready for Distance Learning?

    4. Submit the Enrollment Agreement at the top of this page.

    • Enrollment Agreement - Print and fax to AGS at 270-626-7243 or 805-565-0741 or send by email to the Registrar
  • 5. Complete the software training and Orientation with the Student Dean.
  • 6. Order your books on, Barnes and Noble, or

    7. Purchase The A.P.A. Publications Manual, most recent edition, or the newest pocket guide, Concise Rules of APA Style , at

    8. AGS Manuals - Review AGS policies and other manuals - all are available online. You are required to be familiar with the details in the School Catalog. There is a link to our Manuals at the bottom of every page of this website.

    Manuals include: Policy Manual, Thesis Manual, Catalog, Tips for Writing a Concept Paper

    9. Optional: Complete Preparatory Exercise. Three free books are provided to new students upon enrollment in a Degree Program: Adizes Mastering Change; Managing Corporate Lifecycles; and the Spiral Dynamics text.

    10. Classroom Link:    Click here to get to the log-in page for all students. Bookmark this page. You will get a log-in code when the Software Training and Orientation are completed.

    Print and fax all documents to AGS at (USA) 805-565-0741 attn: Registrar

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