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Undergraduate Degree - applicants for the Masters Degree program must provide evidence of a Bachelors Degree from an accredited institution in the USA, or the equivalent. Students with a Bachelors Degree may be admitted directly to the Ph.D. program by dual-tracking. These students will take five courses from the M.A. program in addition to the courses of the Ph.D. program and need not be awarded the M.A. unless they complete the Examination or Thesis, but will go on to write a full doctoral dissertation.

Those students who have completed a Master degrees may apply directly to the Ph.D. program or the Clinical Doctoral program. Admissions requirements are reviewed on the basis of mutual trust and respect. Students are expected to submit legitimate documents, do their own work, and conduct themselves professionally and ethically throughout the programs.

English Language - participants reside in many countries and speak many languages, however seminars are conducted in English and participants are expected to read, write and speak English at the level appropriate to graduate study.  Proficiency will be determined by verification of 2-3 years work in an English speaking country; or TOEFL, or IELTS testing. Faculty may require a student to obtain editorial assistance, at their discretion, based upon the quality of written work and contributions to the ongoing dialogue. This requirement will not be waived for future courses. Students may also re-take the TOEFL, IELTS, or petition faculty for a waiver (per course) at any time.  Overseas students are expected to utilize the services of a professional English editor when writing Theses and Dissertations.

    TOEFL - (Test of English as a Foreign Language) A combined score of 550 is required for the paper version, 213 for the computerized version. However, AGS only requires the Test of Written English for which a score of 3.95 is required. Students who enter the Ph.D. program with a score below 4.29 will be required to obtain the assistance of an English editor for all written work. Editorial assistance is at the students expense.

    Recent updates from (2007) include a list of worldwide testing centers for both paper-based and internet-based tests. In addition, they now have an online registration guide. You can contact them via or phone +1-609-683-2008

    IELTS - A score of "7" is the minimum requirement for admission. Visit the website for details.

International credits or degrees:   Overseas students MUST get transcripts evaluated by a U.S. agency that analyses credit for transfer. Agencies such as the ECE or the IERF are qualified. For additional qualified agencies, click here.


Entrance Requirements (in addition to transcripts, letters of reference, application, etc.)


Orientation is integrated into the Application process and includes feedback from Graduate School representatives at several junctures.  The Orientation consists of a written Self-Assessment,  several online exercises; review of the Norms of Working Online, the (required) Program Catalog and Policy Manual (see Manuals); and a self-guided software training online.

Self Assessment - The application documents will provide instructions for you to create your own written Self-Assessment. This document will be considered along with your application. You will utilize 2-3 quiz-type tools while writing your Self-Assessment. Building Excellence is now required. These instruments  ask a series of questions designed to help identify your personal learning styles and preferences with distance learning in mind. Self-reflection is essential to meet the demands of the online academic environment.  Take the online Self Assessment quizzes now, and re-evaluate from time-to-time. You do not have to be an enrolled student to use these tools.

Library Access - Visit the Library resources available on this website. You will need to identify the resources that are relevant to your goals. Check out the faculty recommendations in particular. Get used to using electronic resources. Students are expected to be independent learners as online classes are collaborative and facilitated, not presented in a 'taught' or lecture format.

Academic Preparation - (a short, open-book exam) You are expected to begin your course of study with a basic conceptual foundation and understanding of certain key terminology and concepts that may be used in comparative discussion of theory by faculty and other students. Once your application is accepted, you will be sent three books as references which will assist in your academic preparation for graduate study at AGS:

  • Spiral Dynamics (Dr. Don Beck, Christopher Cowan);
  • Mastering Change (Dr. Ichak Adizes); and
  • Managing Corporate Lifecycles (Dr. Ichak Adizes).

A Preparatory Exercise is provided online which will enable you to identify and reference critical terminology and concepts in the texts as you need them throughout the degree programs. It is expected that students will have completed this exercise on their own time, prior to the beginning of their first course. It is OPTIONAL but STRONGLY recommended. Click here Preparatory Exercise

Technical Preparation - (free software training) -   Online Help and Tips and Recommendations are available within the software environment. Once you are enrolled, you will be sent notification of registration for the software training class. A short online test at the end and preparatory feedback loops will demonstrate to our advisors that a basic comfort level has been achieved.

Computer Requirements

All participants are expected to understand the computer requirements below and to be enthusiastic about learning to use an online academic platform. As working professionals, time is valuable. Long wait times can be frustrating, and greater equipment speed will increase efficiency. Participants who travel frequently must choose an Internet service provider with available access worldwide.

Requirements Include:

  • a high speed processor (1ghz)
  • a high speed internet connection (DSL, cable, wireless)
  • the most recent version of your browser
  • a word processing program with spell-check, preferably MS Word
  • significant free hard disk space
  • at least 256mb RAM
  • a printer
  • you may choose to use a scanner, Power Point, Adobe PDF files, sound or graphic files, etc.

Pre-planning for the final project -

PhD program students are admitted and begin their course of study without any requirements beyond the application and orientation processes.  After completing at least three courses (Spiral Dynamics, Adizes methodology, and Epistemology), students may petition for acceptance as Ph.D. candidates formally through submission of a brief, referenced Concept Paper .  See the Thesis Manual and tips for Writing a Concept Paper for related details.

Clinical Doctoral program students enrol when they have a host client where they may practice their internships. Internships are not managed by the Adizes Graduate School. They are managed by the Adizes Institute (consulting firm.) Interested students will need to contact an Adizes Institute office (assigned by the Institute, by location) for approval of both the internship site and their individual qualifications to pursue this program of study. The Adizes Graduate School does not approve student internship sites and requires referral from the Adizes Institute

Each student will complete a capstone project in the form of a case study on this client company as it evolves over the course of the degree program. Students may contract with a separate client, other than their practice client, for the purpose of writing the capstone project or as necessary during the degree program, but each client must be approved by the Adizes Institute office. Writing begins with the first internship, where students observe and analyse the initial status of their host client. An Internship Supervisor, who mentors the student through their capstone project, will be assigned by the Adizes Institute to the student upon admission to the Graduate School.

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